Architects & Designers

The Plank Company offer the most expert and knowledgeable service for architects, designers, builders & developers.

We will advise on floor build up at an early stage of the project design.

We have highly experienced technical consultants to advise on all structural and joinery queries regarding installation of our solid hardwood wide plank floors.

We are regarded as being the most knowledgeable company in the UK and Ireland with regards to the installation of specialist solid hardwood plank floors over underfloor heating (ufh) over the past 20 years we have successfully installed 1000’s metres over ufh.

The Plank Company have been involved with many award winning projects throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our Hardwood Floors

The Plank Company manufacture Solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring.

We are specialist manufacturers of hardwood flooring for installation over under floor heating.

Our boards come in long lengths and in wide widths to produce the traditional look of wide plank flooring.

What We Manufacture In

Solid oak plank floors

Solid oak plank flooring

Solid oak wide plank floors

Solid oak wide plank flooring

Wide oak plank floors

Wide oak plank flooring

Oak hardwood floors

Oak hardwood flooring

Solid oak wood floors

Solid oak wood flooring

Engineered oak floors

Engineered oak flooring

Oak plank floors

Oak plank flooring

Engineered oak wood floors

Engineered oak wood flooring

Engineered oak hardwood floors

Engineered oak hardwood flooring

Solid hardwood floors

Solid hardwood flooring

Solid oak hardwood wide plank floors

Solid oak hardwood wide plank flooring

Engineered oak wood block floors

Engineered oak wood block flooring

Solid oak wood block floors

Solid oak wood block flooring

Oak woodblock floors

Oak woodblock flooring

Oak versailles panels

Oak versailles paneling