American black walnut

Species: Walnut

United States

Types available: Solid Plank / Large Blocks

Grades available: Prime and Character

Certificate: FSC / PEFC / EUTR Licence / Certificate of custody

Widths: From 100mm up to 300mm

Lengths: From 1000mm up to 3000mm

Thickness: From 18mm – 22mm

Surface finish: Smooth

Surface treatment: Unfinished

Profile: TG4s / TGV4s / PAR

Janka Hardness: 1400

American black walnut (juglans nigra)

Native to north america, where the finest black walnut is said to grow in the state of virginia. An impressive

rich dark masculine timber with an impressive high arched rolling figure shading from intense dark chocolate brown with hints of aubergine, through to paler milk chocolate with occasional creamy golden brown and a rich cream.

Durable and strong, black walnut has traditionally been used for the stocks of finest sporting guns such as purdey. During the war for the propellers of spitfires, and of course for the dashboards of famous marque english motor cars rolls royce and aston martin.

The black walnut tree produces a desirable walnut which is often used to flavour ice cream, and the black walnut oil is used for cooking. Because of the delicious nuts squirrels are very attracted to black walnut trees.

Freshly milled and unfinished, black walnut is a pale smoky coffee colour. Newly waxed and /or oiled is a deep rich chocolate aubergine colour which lightens to a warm mid chocolate, but deeper in tonal variation and figure.

Black walnut can be sealed with a finish which retains the smoky coffee colour without losing the definition of the magnificent figure. We call this tobacco walnut.

Dark and sophisticated with antiques and dramatic objet d’art. Classic with traditional furniture. Contemporary with classics such as charles eames. Strikingly minimal with other dark woods, leather or stone, with string or putty walls. And of course in its natural setting of virginian georgian period estate house, or 18th century east coast federal or simple shaker.

Traditional Manufacturing Quality

We have a reputation for producing exceptional quality solid Walnut wide plank flooring. Ever board is inspected many times throughout the production process to ensure only the highest possible standards of manufacturing quality.


We stock most of the worlds hardest commercially available timbers suitable for hardwood flooring and can confidently assist you in making a well informed decision when choosing the correct floor for a any particular application.

Our Hardwood Floors

The Plank Company are specialist manufacturer’s of Solid hardwood flooring.

What We Manufacture In Walnut

Solid Walnut plank floors

Solid Walnut plank flooring

Solid Walnut wide plank floors

Solid Walnut wide plank flooring

Wide Walnut plank floors

Wide Walnut plank flooring

Walnut hardwood floors

Walnut hardwood flooring

Solid Walnut wood floors

Solid Walnut wood flooring

Engineered Walnut floors

Engineered Walnut flooring

Walnut plank floors

Walnut plank flooring

Engineered Walnut wood floors

Engineered Walnut wood flooring

Engineered Walnut hardwood floors

Engineered Walnut hardwood flooring

Solid Walnut hardwood floors

Solid Walnut hardwood flooring

Solid Walnut hardwood wide plank floors

Solid Walnut hardwood wide plank flooring

Engineered Walnut wood block floors

Engineered Walnut wood block flooring

Solid Walnut wood block floors

Solid Walnut wood block flooring

Walnut woodblock floors

Walnut woodblock flooring

Walnut versailles panels

Walnut versailles paneling

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