Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry)

Species: Jatoba

Origin: Brazil

Types available: Solid Plank / Engineered Plank / Large Blocks

Grades available: Prime

Certificate: FSC and PEFC

Widths: From 100mm up to 200mm

Lengths: From 1000mm up to 3000mm

Thickness: 21mm

Surface finish: Smooth

Surface treatment: Hardwax oil

Janka Hardness: 2800

Price: From £60 up to £100 m2

Brazilian Cherry (hymenaea courbaril)

Brazilian cherry aka jatoba is prized for its beauty and used for fine furniture and cabinet making. The bark of brazilian cherry is very thick and used for making canoes by native south americans.

A strong hardwood (janka* scale 2820 2.5 times harder than red oak) It is not actually a species of cherry, but has become known in the timber trade as brazilian cherry because of its similarities to sweet cherry, but the jatoba is of course very much harder and than the sweet cherry.

The jatoba tree yields “copal” a golden sticky resinous fluid which turns to amber over millions of years. scientists have discovered many clues to its prehistoric existence through the plants and insects trapped in the beautiful amber, as shown in the movie jurassic park. It is the copal in the tree which gives jatoba its surface lustre and luminescence. Also because of the attractive scent, copal is used to make incense for churches.

Freshly milled brazilian cherry has a deep salmon russet colour which turns russet tan and then warm rich reddish chestnut. Jatoba has arguably the most beautiful figuring of all the flooring timber. The figure arches are high curved and sweeping and are a feature of a high percentage of the boards across any floor.

A wonderful warm rich more feminine wood but with a masculine strength. for clients who seek a stunning floor with exceptional figure and a red brown tone. Elegant and beautiful in elegant classical drawing rooms. dramatic in minimal interiors.

Traditional Manufacturing Quality

We have a reputation for producing exceptional quality Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring. Ever board is inspected many times throughout the production process to ensure only the highest possible standards of manufacturing quality.


The Plank Company are one of very few flooring companies in the world with the breadth of professional expertise to advise on the installation of Brazilian Cherry solid hardwood wide plank flooring and Brazilian Cherry engineered wide plank flooring over underfloor heating.


We stock most of the worlds hardest commercially available timbers suitable for hardwood flooring and can confidently assist you in making a well informed decision when choosing the correct floor for a any particular application.

Our Hardwood Floors

The Plank Company manufacture Solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring.

We are specialist manufacturers of hardwood flooring for installation over under floor heating.

Our boards come in long lengths and in wide widths to produce the traditional look of wide plank flooring.

What We Manufacture In Cherry

Solid cherry plank floors

Solid cherry plank flooring

Solid cherry wide plank floors

Solid cherry wide plank flooring

Wide cherry plank floors

Wide cherry plank flooring

Hardwood cherry floors

Hardwood cherry flooring

Solid cherry wood floors

Solid cherry wood flooring

Engineered cherry floors

Engineered cherry flooring

Cherry plank floors

Cherry plank flooring

Engineered cherry wood floors

Engineered cherry wood flooring

Engineered cherry hardwood floors

Engineered cherry hardwood flooring

Solid cherry hardwood floors

Solid cherry hardwood flooring

Solid cherry hardwood wide plank floors

Solid cherry hardwood wide plank flooring

What We Manufacture in Jatoba

Solid jatoba plank floors

Solid jatoba plank flooring

Solid jatoba wide plank floors

Solid jatoba wide plank flooring

Wide plank jatoba floors

Wide plank jatoba flooring

Hardwood jatoba floors

Hardwood jatoba flooring

Solid jatoba wood floors

Solid jatoba wood flooring

Engineered jatoba floors

Engineered jatoba flooring

Jatoba pank floors

Jatoba plank flooring

Engineered jatoba wood floors

Engineered jatoba wood flooring

Engineered jatoba hardwood floors

Engineered jatoba hardwood flooring

Solid jatoba hardwood floors

Solid jatoba hardwood flooring

Solid jatoba hardwood wide plank floors

Solid jatoba hardwood wide plank flooring

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