Burmese Teak Flooring

Species: Teak

Origin: Burma

Types available: Solid Plank / Large Blocks

Grades available: Prime

Certificate: EUTR Licence / Certificate of Custody

Widths: From 100mm up to 300mm

Lengths: From 1000mm up to 3000mm

Thickness: From 18mm – 22mm

Surface finish: Smooth

Surface Treatment: Unfinished

Profile: TG4s / TGV4s /PAR

Janka Hardness: 1155

Burmese Teak

Burmese teak is a very desirable timber for its strength and durability. Extremely popular in the 1960’s for contemporary furniture by danish designers, and of course ercol and parker knoll. These original pieces in burmese teak are now very desirable and collectable.

Freshly milled burmese teak has a lovely soft smokey brown colour with a bold high arch figure and outstanding grain. Teak is usually finished with teak oil to keep an attractive matte finish which is traditional, but it can also be sealed with a wax oil finish to give a subtle lustre.

A handsome timber with a strong figure. a desirable, exotic timber with the soft smokey colour of native timbers. where a much harder wood than Oak is specified, but a similar colour and virtually knot free timber is required.

Perfect for any room, especially where large areas are covered using the same wood. The impressive figuring displays exceptionally well in large open plan homes. Equally good in contemporary or traditional interiors. Probably at its most beautiful in interiors using natural colours and textures. leather, linen, silk, cotton, wood, metal etc. the signature Kelly Hoppen or Jasper Conran interior!

Traditional Manufacturing Quality

We have a reputation for producing exceptional quality solid teak wide plank flooring. Ever board is inspected many times throughout the production process to ensure only the highest possible standards of manufacturing quality.


The Plank Company are one of very few flooring companies with the breadth of professional expertise to advise on the installation solid Teak wide plank flooring and engineered Teak wide plank flooring over underfloor heating.


We stock most of the worlds hardest commercially available timbers suitable for hardwood flooring and can confidently assist you in making a well informed decision when choosing the correct floor for a any particular application.

Our Hardwood Floors

The Plank Company are specialist manufacturer’s of Exotic Solid hardwood flooring.













What We Manufacture In Teak

Solid Teak plank floors

Solid Teak plank flooring

Solid Teak wide plank floors

Solid Teak wide plank flooring

Wide Teak plank floors

Wide Teak plank flooring

Teak hardwood floors

Teak hardwood flooring

Solid Teak wood floors

Solid Teak wood flooring

Engineered Teak floors

Engineered Teak flooring

Teak plank floors

Teak plank flooring

Engineered Teak wood floors

Engineered Teak wood flooring

Engineered Teak hardwood floors

Engineered Teak hardwood flooring

Solid Teak hardwood floors

Solid Teak hardwood flooring

Solid Teak hardwood wide plank floors

Solid Teak hardwood wide plank flooring

Engineered Teak wood block floors

Engineered Teak wood block flooring

Solid Teak wood block floors

Solid Teak wood block flooring

Teak woodblock floors

Teak woodblock flooring

Teak versailles panels

Teak versailles paneling

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