Species: Sucupira

Origin: Brazil

Types available: Solid Plank / Engineered Plank / Large Blocks

Grades available: Prime

Certificate: None / FSC and PEFC

Widths: From 100mm up to 300mm

Lengths: From 1000mm up to 3000mm

Thickness: 15mm and 21mm

Surface finish: Smooth

Surface treatment: Unfinished or Hardwax oil

Janka Hardness: 2700

Price: From £60 up to £160 m2

Sucupira (bowdichia nitida)

Sucupira is a most unusual and striking timber. Warm chocolate and chestnut brown colour with a wide variation of grain and figure within a stable colour variation. Subtle hints of a shimmering golden overtone enhance sucupira and give it a warm glow.

Sucupiras grain has the appearance of pheasant feathers, and with its silver gray slightly waxy over sheen combined with the rich red brown heartwood will be a feature in any interior where an unusual timber is valued.

Strong, hard and heavy, sucupira is used for structural work and boatbuilding as well as finest flooring.

Sucupiras fine dense grained appearance is perfect for period country houses where it compliments the warm aged patina of 18th century Honduras mahogany furniture. But it is also a timber at home in contemporary interiors where a dark warm brown wood is preferred rather than the dense matt black/brown of wenge.

Traditional Manufacturing Quality

We have a reputation for producing exceptional quality solid Ipe wide plank flooring and Ipe engineered wide plank flooring. Ever board is inspected many

times throughout the production process to ensure only the highest possible standards of manufacturing quality.


The Plank Company are one of very few flooring companies in the world with the breadth of professional expertise to advise on the installation solid Ipe wide plank flooring and engineered Ipe wide plank flooring over underfloor heating.


We stock most of the worlds hardest commercially available timbers suitable for hardwood flooring and can confidently assist you in making a well informed decision when choosing the correct floor for a any particular application.

Our Hardwood Floors

The Plank Company manufacture Solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring.

We are specialist manufacturers of hardwood flooring for installation over under floor heating.

Our boards come in long lengths and in wide widths to produce the traditional look of wide plank flooring.

What We Manufacture in Sucupira

Solid Sucupira plank floors

Solid Sucupira plank flooring

Solid Sucupira wide plank floors

Solid Sucupira wide plank flooring

Wide Sucupira plank floors

Wide Sucupira plank flooring

Sucupira hardwood floors

Sucupira Hardwood flooring

Solid Sucupira wood floors

Solid Sucupira wood flooring

Engineered Sucupira floors

Engineered Sucupira flooring

Sucupira plank floors

Sucupira plank flooring

Engineered Sucupira wood floors

Engineered Sucupira wood flooring

Engineered Sucupira hardwood floors

Engineered Sucupira hardwood flooring

Solid Sucupira hardwood floors

Solid Sucupira hardwood flooring

Solid Sucupira hardwood wide plank floors

Solid Sucupira hardwood wide plank flooring

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