Underfloor Heating Panel

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General Description

PlankCo UFH & Insulation Panels are of a unique design and provide many advantages over other insulation products when used with warm water underfloor heating systems.

PlankCo UFH and Insulation Panels are manufactured from a wide choice of rigid thermal insulation materials (eg. expanded polystyrene foam, extruded polystyrene foam, rigid urethane foam) with grooves of a specified diameter and pattern cnc machined into the  upper surface of the panel.

PlankCo UFH the panel (and into the main grooves) this acts as a radiant surface improving heat transfer and reducing system start up times.

PlankCo UFH & Insulation Panels have preformed grooves in the insulation to securely retain the continuous UFH pipework in the correct position eliminating the need for supplementary fixings.

PlankCo UFH & Insulation Panels provide a flexible, cost effective solution for Floating Floors, Timber Suspended Floors, Floor-on-Floor and Battened Floor systems. The choice of insulation material, panel thickness, groove diameter, groove spacing and groove pattern are all bespoke to the client’s specific requirements.